Central Wet Vacuum Scrubber System

McKenna Engineering designed and manufactured a complete Wet Vacuum Scrubber Package.  By integrating all systems and controls into a single package, McKenna Engineering was able to provide a cost and environmentally effective solution on time and on budget.600 lbs./day

Instantaneous: 4000 lbs./hr

Epoxy coated tank 25′ long x 11′ wide x 9’6″ tall

Stainless Steel Scrubbers

Recirculation Pumps equipped with Strainers

Waste Water Removal Pumps equipped with Basket Strainers


Purge Air Blower

Gas Filter Blower


Surfactant Metering Pump Skid

Anti-Foam Metering Pump Skid

Spray Nozzels

Field installation/erection of ladders & hand rails, gas filter, scrubbers, mixer, epoxy coated vent stack and pre-assembled piping.