LACT Unit Design for Crude Oil

The Project

OXY, California’s largest natural gas and crude oil producer, was in need of replacing Dual LACT units in an existing facility. The McKenna Engineering team created a complete design submittal package for OXY including a 3-D SolidWorks model by utilizing the laser scan and P&ID provided by the Design Engineer.

The Challenge

The LACT units that were provided needed to fit into a tightly constrained installation location for the replacement of existing equipment. McKenna engineers were able to work around the existing constraints which included drains, process piping, and electrical lines to create each custom LACT unit.

LACT units

The Solution

McKenna Engineering designed two separate LACT units that were combined into a single skid in order to accommodate the spatial constraints of the job site. The skid was also designed to be raised above grade level to avoid pipelines and any other obstacles in the provided area. Upon OXY’s approval of McKenna Engineering’s 3D SolidWorks model and complete submittal package; our team then fabricated, assembled, tested, and shipped from our ISO 9001 Certified Carson, CA facility.

Major Equipment

Strainers, PD Meters, DeAerator Tanks, Actuated Double Block & Bleed Valves, Prover Connections, Static Mixers, BS&W Monitors, Sampling Systems, Sampling Probes, Drain Connections, and 100% X-Rayed ASME B31.4 Interconnecting Piping.