Industrial Fans & Drying Systems

Mckenna Engineering & Equipment Company, Inc., is a California based, manufacturers representative with a broad range of heavy duty industrial fans and drying systems for air, gas, and liquid processing applications.

We offer a complete line of custom designed centrifugal fans and in-flight adjustable axial fans for demanding power generation applications with various blade types available.  These heavy duty industrial fans are ideal for continuous catalyst regeneration (CCR) platforming in oil refineries and are also used successfully on forced draft, primary air, secondary air, fluidizing air, induced draft, gas re-circulation and booster fan applications.

Targeting moderate pressure – high flow applications,  we represent a line of turbo blower air knife drying systems that replace the costly and wasteful use of compressed air.  These complete and compact wash-down systems feature spray and water isolation, smart controls and noise attenuation; available in co-polymer, aluminum, and stainless steel.

Located in the greater Los Angeles area,  we have an experienced team of engineers ready to help guide and troubleshoot your specific industrial fan and drying system needs.   We also have factory trained technicians and fully equipped service vehicles available 24/7 for repair, re-manufacture, and installation of all your equipment to optimize your operating conditions.

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