Filtration & Noise Control

McKenna Engineering & Equipment Company, Inc. offers a broad range of filters & silencers, decontamination solutions, sound proofing materials, and other noise control products for industrial processing applications for air, gas, liquids, and dry bulk for California and Western Nevada. Our contaminant removal solutions complement the rotary screw air & gas compressors, vacuum pumps, and pneumatic conveying equipment that we carry; allowing us to offer fully integrated processing systems and services.

Targeting corrosive gases, we offer a full line of absorbent filter media for treating emergency chlorine release, ammonia absorption, hydrogen sulphide removal, gas particulates, and various types of other gas filter removal media. Our air intake filtration products are used for contaminants at intake of compressors, blowers, vacuum pumps, and turbines that require high volume airflow, vertical airflow, compressed air, etc.

Noise control products represented include sound proofing materials, blower silencers, absorptive silencers, vent silencers, industrial fan silencers, vacuum pump liquid silencers, engine exhaust silencers, pneumatic silencers, etc. With engineering services available, our capabilities allow us to offer complete turn-key solutions for your exhaust treatment, including; noise reduction, minimization of back pressure, temperature management, optimization of flow, and emissions treatment.

We represent various products for industrial silencer applications, including equipment enclosures, industrial stack discharge, dust collector blower discharge, generator enclosure intake and discharge ventilation, and industrial fan intake and discharge. Other products for sound proofing and silencer applications include acoustical panel systems for industrial manufacturing and acoustical curtains for area dividers and area enclosures.

Located in the greater Los Angeles area, we have an experienced team of engineers ready to help guide and troubleshoot your specific filtration, silencer, and sound proofing requirements. We also have factory trained technicians and fully equipped service vehicles available 24/7 for repair, re-manufacture, and installation of all your equipment to optimize your operating conditions.

Filtration Products

Air Intake Filters, Compressed Air/Gas Particulate and Coalescing Filters, Oil Mist Elimination and Liquid Process FiltrationAbsorbent Media and Filtration Products for Air, Gas and Liquids

Silencers & Noise Control Products

Noise Control Products & Systems; Sound Enclosures, Sound Proofing Materials, Silencers, Curtains, Silencers, Filters and Filter SilencersRotary Blower, Engine, Fan, Gas Turbine and Absorptive Silencers, Filter and Filter Silencers