Soil Remediation & Air Sparging Unit

Soil RemediationSoil Remediation

The Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE) Unit

SVE is relatively a simple process which physically separates contaminants from the soil. Contaminants are pulled to the surface as vapor is removed by applying a vacuum through a system of underground wells. Vapors are then pushed through carbon filters to remove contaminants via the adsorbtion process; leaving clean air to vent into the atmosphere.

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The Air Sparging Unit

Injected air traverses horizontally and vertically in channels through the soil column, creating an underground stripper that removes contaminants by volatilization. This injected air helps flush (bubble) contaminants into the unsaturated zone where a vapor extraction system is usually implemented in conjunction with air sparging to remove the generated vapor phase contamination. This simple design of putting the qty 29 flow meters in a NEMA 3R control panel made it easy for the site operator to control and log the volume of compressed air being delivered to each well.

Major Equipment

Tuthill 5006-21L2 Competitor Series Blower, HRA25-12 Reciprocating Compressor, Custom NEMA 4X Control Panel with HMI and Allen Bradley MicroLogix PLC, Inlet Separator, Dilution Air Inlet, Sparging Air Distribution Header Qty 29 Flow meters, SVE Inlet