Vapor Extraction

Vapor Extraction schematic


McKenna Engineering proposed a proactive, environmentally friendly approach to solve soil contamination issues at a tank farm located in Carson, California. The objective: long -term tank farm restoration meeting regulatory and environmental compliance’s to remove volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) from the soil by means of vacuum extraction. The extraction of these organic compounds are especially challenging in that, they can be explosive, volatile, and undergo wide temperature variations. This objective required a complete system to be designed, fabricated, and installed which would eliminate VOC’s in the soil and not interrupt the day-to-day tank farm operations.

Vapor Extractor Solidworks model


McKenna Engineering’s team of engineers developed a complete solutions package using efficient technology, effective design, and essential process equipment to meet the prescriptive requirements of vapor extraction. Our team was able to integrate a complete systems package with all the accessories, including; blowers, motors, separators, silencers, filtration, and controls on one (1) modular skid.

McKenna Engineering Skidded Vapor Extractor prior to shipment


The system was designed and fabricated at McKenna Engineering’s main facility and corporate headquarters located in Carson, California. Once designed and fabricated, the system underwent extensive inspection and testing in order to deliver the skid on time and on budget.

Because of the accelerated rateĀ at which the systems package was designed and fabricated, McKenna Engineering was able to lower installation costs, pre-test all equipment, and provide ample start-up training. McKenna Engineering was able to deliver Shell Oil a modular turn-key system able to safely and efficiently extract VOC’s without interfering with day-to-day operations.