Solar Panel Powered Pump Package

Solar Panel Powered Pump Package

The Project

Fluor Australia acquired McKenna Engineering services to provide a Natural Gas Condensate pump system. The system McKenna Engineering provided, serves the purpose of pumping condensation from low points in a Natural Gas Pipeline to its required destination. The pump package mitigates the issue of condensation build up in the pipelines installed for the Gladstone Liquified Natural Gas (GLNG) project in Queensland, Australia.

The Challenge

McKenna Engineering faced several challenges while providing Fluor with the pump package. The primary challenge at hand was the system required delivery and installation to a desolate job site. This imperative factor posed other challenges such as no availability of electricity or personnel to run and maintain the equipment.

The Solution

McKenna’s Mechanical and Control Engineers collectively worked with Fluor to ensure the package met both application and specification requirements. McKenna Engineers equipped the LNG pumps with solar panels to resolve the challenge of nonexistent electricity. In addition, the team incorporated a control panel which communicated to the equipment when to operate based on the level of liquid in the condensate tank assuring low to no maintenance. McKenna Engineering provided Fluor with a complete design submittal; then fabricated, assembled, tested and shipped from our ISO 9001 Carson, CA facility. The completed system is easily assembled using the McKenna Engineering provided picture based installation manual and is capable of being delivered anywhere worldwide.


  • Materials of Construction: Carbon Steel
  • Fluid: Natural Gas Condensate
  • Temperature: 60 Deg F
  • Flow: 2.0 GPM
  • Disch Press: 405 PSI


Major Equipment

Explosion Proof Level Switch, Solar Arrays & Structural Frame, Control / Power Panel (level switch, pump on/off, power to pump), Inlet Strainer, Condensate Transfer Pump & Motor, Pressure Relief Valve, Flow Meter, Isolation & Drain Valves, ASME B31.3 Interconnecting Piping.


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