Liquid Handling Pumps & Mixers

Centrifugal Process Pumps; API, ANSI, Mag Drive and High Temperature Dean Pump

Horizontal & Vertical Air-Cooled Thermal Liquid Pumps, Hot Water Pumps, Heavy Duty High Temperature Process Pumps, Magnetic Drive Pumps, Self Priming, ANSI Pumps and Heavy Duty Industrial Inline Pumps. Specializing in High Temperature Liquid Pumping Applications.

Magnatex Pumps, Inc

Magnetic Drive Pumps, ANSI Mechanical Seal Pumps and Small Gear Pumps handle everything from recovery solvents to heat transfer fluids, viscous liquids, acids, bases, toxic or noxious liquids and high purity fluids


Rotary Screw Pumps; 2, 3, & 5 Rotor Designs; API & Non-API Configurations Leistritz Corporation

Rotary Screw Pumps; 2,3 & 5 Rotor Designs; API & Non-API Configurations. Multiphase Pumps for Onshore, Offshore and Sub Sea Crude Oil & Water Cut Applications. Leistritz Engineered Products for Transportation, Power Generation, Chemical Process, Oil & Gas and Marine Industries.

Positive Displacement Rotary Gear, Lobe and Vane Pumps Viking PumpPositive Displacement Rotary Internal/External Gear Pumps, Industrial Lobe Pumps, Strainers & Liquid Vane Pumps and Composite Mag Drive Pumps for Various Liquids: Asphalt, Polymers, Ammonia, High Viscosity, Cryogenic to Molten, Inert to Corrosive, Newtonian to non-Newtonian, Acidic to Alkaline, Low & High Vapor Pressure, Edible to Toxic, etc.

Rotary Pumps perfect for handling mixtures of Air, Water, and Thick Oily Sludge. Low-Shear Pumping resulting in efficient Oil/Water Separation. Self-Priming, Run-Dry Abilities. Perfect for Sludge, Slurries, Oil/Gas, Biosolid, Construction, Mining, and Agriculture Applications.

Seal-less Centrifugal Canned Motor Pumps Teikoku-Chempump

Sealless Centrifugal Canned Motor Pumps; NC Series, DYNA Pump, G Series, ANSI Pump Configurations and Chem/Meter for Transfer of Hazardous Fluids in Refrigeration, Nuclear, High Temperature, Slurry and other Specialty Applications.


Heavy Duty Direct Drive & Light Semi-Portable Mixers, In-Line Static Mixer, Impellers and Fluid Agitators used in Chemical, Oil, Mining, and Paper Industries.

Process Pumps; ANSI, Multistage Turbine, Self Priming, Mag & Non-Mag Drive


ANSI Process Pumps, Multi-Stage Turbine Pumps, Self Priming Pumps, Metal Magnetic Drive Pumps, Non-Metallic Pumps for various types of industry including: Refineries, Petrochemical Plants, Chemical Injection, Pipelines, Boiler Feed and Power & Utility.

National Pump Company

Vertical Lineshaft Turbine Close Coupled Pumps, Submersible Turbine Pumps and Packaged Pump Systems for the Industrial, Power, Pulp & Paper and Oil & Gas Markets.