Cannabis Seed Processing

McKenna Engineering provides expertise and sales of hemp processing equipment for start to finish hemp processing lines.

Cannabis Seed Processing

Hemp: An Agricultural Commodity

Hemp is a variety of the Cannabis plant species. Once illegal to grow in the United States; The Hemp Farming Act of 2018 legalized hemp and made it an agricultural commodity.

Hemp is a flexible commodity that branches out into many industries. The entire plant is utilized for many products. Hemp seed is used to make products such as: methanol and heating oil, salad oil, pharmaceuticals, soaps, paint, and ink. Products derived from hemp fiber include: insulation, particleboard, concrete (hempcrete), rope, twine, yarn, newsprint, cardboard, paper, horse stable bedding, and compost.

Hemp Processing Equipment

McKenna Engineering has the hemp processing equipment to build out a full hemp processing line. Our hemp processing line can help you accomplish hemp seed processing needs from de-awning to hulling and seed separation and treating. Demand within the hemp industry is booming and clippers/de-awners, air screen cleaners, sizers and gravity separators are perfect for hemp processing and conditioning needs.


Oliver Hi Capacity Gravity Separator

Innovative solutions to your challenges

“We have always been able to count on McKenna for innovative solutions to solve our materials handling challenges.”

Bradd Statley, Lehigh Southwest Cement Company

Hemp Processing Line

McKenna Engineering is a manufacturers representative for hemp processing equipment made by Oliver and Westrup.

Hemp Processing Lines

In addition to hemp processing equipment sales, McKenna Engineering can design, build, and install an entire hemp processing line. From hemp seed processing, hemp fiber processing, and hemp oil extraction; McKenna Engineering has over 40 years of experience designing and building agricultural commodity processing lines.

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